Posted by: marcelodagostino | February 15, 2016

#HealthData Governance Strategy, a key element for #PublicHealth

Health Data Governance Strategy, a key element for Public Health

Health Data governance is a framework for establishing a corporate strategy, objectives, policies, standards and tools for the management of technical data. It is also a system of decision rights and accountabilities for health data management processes. It refers to the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, privacy, and security of the health data, internal and external, managed by any Public Health Institution. It is formalized as a set of regulations, policies, guiding principles, standards and procedures that encompass the full life cycle of data: 1) acquisition, 2) use, 3) Dissemination and 4) disposal.

Key guiding principles of a Health Data Governance Strategy

Health Data Governance Strategy - Guiding principles


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