Posted by: marcelodagostino | May 5, 2015

Management in the Information Society

I personally feel that not much has been re-written (or reflected) about new managerial models or concepts, and I am increasingly convinced that management is no longer what it was before the Information Society. Thus, I believe it should be thoroughly researched to cease implementing pre-Information-Society managerial models.

It is not the same to manage uninformed teams (or people) than mega-informed teams, with the understanding that mega-information does not always mean ‘good’ information, which leads to added complications when implementing decisions.

We are – wisely or not so wisely – questioned and advised; and we live in a decision-making world where the easy access to information generates the false sensation of vast knowledge or wisdom, which we should know how to manage.

Neither is it the same to manage only face-to-face teams than teams in different countries and locations, teams which are miles away and, at the same time, just a click away. Moreover, these teams may speak 3 or 4 different languages and belong to different cultures and religions, among other relevant differences to consider, learn, understand and respect.

It is not so simple to differentiate between those who are just “connected” and those who are “communicated”, and we may sometimes doubt if we are coexisting with teams -or networks of experts- or with mere “users” connected with other people using some common space or tool. This situation might lead to unreal situations that may impact some decision making and actions.

It is not easy to decide whether the people in a team are studying in deep how to generate and exchange content, information and knowledge or whether they are just specialists in reusing existing information, thus further widening their information gap, which remains covered up by an easy-to-access overload of content.

Anyway, I do not wish to go into much detail, but I did want to open a space for collective thinking on new managerial models for the Information Society.

Thanks a lot.



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