Posted by: marcelodagostino | April 27, 2015

Informed decisions and decision-making in #PublicHealth

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  1. Decision making: Definition (Part I) ( Hellriegel &, Slocum): “process of defining problems, collecting data …) #KM4ALL
  2. Decision making: Definition (Part II) …generating alternatives and selecting a course of action” #KM4ALL
  3. Informed decision-making #Health = Use of validated data and scientific and technical references that improve decision-making #KM4ALL
  4. Informed decision-making in Health = mechanism improving development of policies, products and services in health facilities #KM4ALL
  5. Informed decision-making in #Health = important to understand and analyze problem or need before suggesting action #KM4ALL
  6. Informed decision-making in #Health = Strengthening individual & collective capacities to improve standards & procedures #KM4ALL
  7. Informed decision-making in #Health = Improves internal & external flows of information resulting from decisions made #KM4ALL
  8. Informed decision-making in #Health = process to be incorporated in institutional standards & procedures #KM4ALL
  9. Informed decision-making in #Health (Characteristics 1-4) = Based on reliable sources of information #KM4ALL
  10. Informed decision-making in #Health (Characteristics 2-4) = resulting decision respects & reflects references used #KM4ALL
  11. Informed decision-making in #Health (Characteristics 3-4) = decision becomes action #KM4ALL
  12. Informed decision-making in #Health (Characteristics 4-4) = Is recorded in institutional memory and widely disseminated #KM4ALL
  13. Informed decision-making in #Health = Change and impact on organizational culture #KM4ALL

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