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#Foodsafety = World Health Day 2015 – My personal #OnlineSocialBehaviorAnalysis

December 23, 2014Series of Tweets published at @marcelodagos

#Foodsafety = @who World Health Day 2015

End of the year, a good time to read & share information about #Foodsafety = @WHO World Health Day 2015 @KBR4PH @PAHOresearch

@WHO is promoting efforts to improve #foodsafety, from farm to plate (and everywhere in between) on World Health Day, 7 April 2015

@who “Unsafe food is linked to the deaths of an estimated 2 million people annually – mostly children.”

#Foodsafety & related concepts: #OnlineSocialBehaviorAnalysis, preliminary findings of a personal analysis (next tweets)

#Foodsafety My initial question: Do we really need more content on the web? Or we need a deep analysis on the current content?






#Foodsafety  need + content on the web? Or + analysis on the current content? #OnlineSocialBehaviorAnalysis @KBR4PH

#Foodsafety” & #Foodsecurity” w/regional interest on “#Foodsafety. General public is not clear with the concepts… yet.


Sometimes (for gral public) #Foodsecurity and #Foodsafety are interchanged conceptually #OnlineSocialBehaviorAnalysis



Information found on #FoodSafety has increased over time showing + interest among health-related organizations, professionals, news agencies & the general public

English notably surpasses Spanish in the number of tweets, Facebook posts & results in web searches. #OnlineSocialBehaviorAnalysis #bigdata

The use of a hashtag helps to concentrate all the information. In the case of English, #foodsafety has been increasingly used since Nov 2013

There are a considerable number of posts both in Twitter and Facebook not using a #Foodsafety hashtag. #OnlineSocialBehaviorAnalysis

There is a positive relation between the accounts using #Foodsafety & being in the 1st results of a web engine #OnlineSocialBehaviorAnalysis

#Foodsafety In Spanish, there seems 2 be a + correlation between: “Seguridad alimentaria” “Alimentos sanos” “Comida sana” “Comer sano”

#Foodsafety There is a big opportunity to influence the Spanish speaking (web users) populations #OnlineSocialBehaviorAnalysis

@who “#Foodsafety next 5 tweets = 5 keys to safer food

@who “#Foodsafety key nro 1 to safer food : Keep clean

@who “#Foodsafety key nro 2 to safer food: Separate raw and cooked food

@who “#Foodsafety key nro 3 to safer food: Cook food thoroughly

@who “#Foodsafety key nro 4 to safer food: Keep food at safe temperatures

@who “#Foodsafety key nro 5 to safer food: Use safe water and raw materials

End of the year, a good time to read & share information about #Foodsafety = @WHO World Health Day 2015

Count down to @who World Health Day – 7 April 2015

Remember “#Foodsafety is a shared responsibility” pls RT & share what you know (want to know) about #Foodsafety

With #Bigdata, #OnlineSocialBehaviorAnalysis is possible. With #OnlineSocialBehaviorAnalysis, a better #health is possible #Foodsafety

#Foodsafety: #OnlineSocialBehaviorAnalysis , just my personal analysis trying 2 work on a new paradigm on content-analysis & web-navigation

#Foodsafety: A lot of content … Good? Evidence-based? Bad? A little bit of everything Pls, read, analyze & share

#Foodsafety for a better 2015, Summary of all my #Foodsafety tweets at @marcelodagos

PD: Este post esta dedicado a mi gran amigo y gran profesional de la Salud Publica Veterinaria, el Dr. Albino Jose Belotto

Albino Belotto

Albino Belotto








con quien (y junto a otros colegas que jamas olvidare) tuve el enorme placer de conocer el mundo de la inocuidad de los alimentos.



  1. Dera friend Marcelo
    Very pround being your friend and assist your successful career.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and family. Special greetings to your powerful little daughter.


    • Desde aquel CD de Tango en UNICENTER hasta hoy lo quiero y respeto muchísimo.
      Un abrazo y gracias por siempre guiarme en toda mi carrera.



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