Posted by: marcelodagostino | May 24, 2014

People should have only one email address during his/her entire life. Red more…

By now, at 47, I should have 6 different names and surnames

During my professional career I have had six different jobs and I have always felt somewhat uncomfortable when I had to use a new email every time.

Today, more than ever, I am convinced that people should have only one email address during his/her entire life, such as his/her name or passport number. Email address has become a personal asset and one of the most valuable a professional has in this hyper-connected Society, although we are repeatedly complaining about “the number of mails we receive” or how difficult it is to manage them.

Let’s take a few seconds to imagine what would happen if every time we find a new job the company requested us to change our name and surname. During our professional careers, people would identify us by “different names” and ways to make contact with us. It would be something inconceivable and it would never be accepted by society. Nevertheless, this happened with emails, and it is happening and it will continue to happen if a radical, conceptual and technological change does not occur. And the solution is not just having a Gmail, hotmail, or similar account.

Although there are still millions of people who do not have this benefit or possibility, sooner or later – some people faster than others – Internet and email will reach the most distant and unthinkable places of the world. I am always happy to say that today we can state that one thing will improve in societies: sooner or later, there will be free internet access for all the people living in this planet.

This is very easily said, but highly expensive and complex to achieve. Nevertheless, the longer we take the more complex and higher the cost of the change and, as the Chinese saying goes: if a task is going to take 3000 years, let’s start right now.

What is my proposal? Very simple, when we are born, apart from our name, the Birth Registration Office should give us an email address, including country identification, together with the national “top level domain”. For example: I would be In that case, we would also have an aggregated value identification: our nationality, indicated in our email address.

We could hence get as much aggregated value as we wish, taking advantage of the only current variable (email) which, thanks to the configuration of all Internet routers and DNSs, cannot be repeated, thus becoming the most expected and searched “universal non-repeatable unique identifier”, which could be used, among many other things, to encode electronic medical records, voting patterns, criminal records, visas, and so on and so forth.

Can you imagine hospitalization, registration to a course or arriving at the migration office of a country only needing to provide your email address?


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