Posted by: marcelodagostino | October 8, 2012

Never give up on your dreams! Never !!!!!

I’m going to write a book!!!!!, I said to myself at 15 with some Albert Einstein photocopies stuck on a white sheet of paper as  the “cover”, and as the beginning…

I was enthusiastic and had a lot of energy (too much, at that age). But, as it happens when we are 15, we start with uncontrolled and undirected energy and, in general, we do not reach the goal or we get to a place we have never imagined or we achieve a result we have never dreamt of at the beginning.

When I was “older”, at 20, with a rebel spirit and mad at life after my father’s death, I tried to “mimic Einstein” -how insane! I roughed out the ideas of a new book that would be called “How I see the word” literally taken from a wonderful book on “Albert Einstein”. Now, at 46, I wonder who would be interested in knowing “how I saw the world”?

Some years later, a little amazed and upset to see so much wickedness in some people, and still sad due to the family tragedy, I began writing a “prospective new book” which title that I still like but would not be able to use, at least while still in activity. The title was “People are ……..”, alluding to evil, and, obviously, it also had a cover.

Every time I tried to “write a book” I couldn’t; but I never gave up on my dream and, thanks to technologies, when I “did not” try, here I am, writing these lines and remembering all my attempts since I was 15, when I tried to write “Albert Einstein’s biography”, for honoring the love and respect I felt for my daddy, who I deeply admired, although the reason was not very clear for me in those days. But I knew it was important; and that drove my dreams.

And now, highly motivated, older but still full of dreams, I decided to write all this –in blog format– because I feel I have a responsibility for the privileges life brought to me. We live in a world where access to information –of higher or lower quality– is possible by different means. Nevertheless, having the education and the resources to have access and to acknowledge its true value and quality is a privilege that is not equally available to all.  Therefore, I feel that those of us who could have this privilege, have fought for it and can still enjoy it, have a social commitment to fulfill: to SHARE KNOWLEDGE to the maximum extent possible and conceivable.

Nowadays, in the welter of information and access possibilities managed by institutions, mastering the methods and technological tools useful  to identify what is really helpful has become one of the most requested skills looked for in the workforce and individuals, and this tendency is only increasing. However, this situation runs counter most people’s poor education or “digital literacy”.

We should discuss and think all at once for reducing knowledge gaps, improving individual and collective skills and getting rid of pseudo-intellectuals who make up and re-invent words, redefine already existing concepts which are up and running in society, trying to massage their own ego instead of thinking in the receptor of our messages and contents. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, do not give up on your dreams and let’s keep on “calling things by their name” all together. In the end, nothing is more powerful than our common sense, and ICTs are the means to achieve this.

A real dream !!!!

A real dream !!!!


Marcelo D’Agostino


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